Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Look at the past, predict the future...

We start our discussion on politics of india from the start of modern era, in 1818 the last of the rulers of india the peshwa were annexed and india was under the rule of british east india company for all practical purposes, it was now a colony of the british.

After the 1857 uprising which had major implications on who was who in the post maratha supremacy period, unsurprisingly many relatively foreign forces supported the brits. eg. the nizam, supported the brits, and captured phadke etc. Some mercenaries supported the pro-indian team for money, eg. the rohillas.

Now, fast forward to 1948 year of independence , the british knew the split between the muslims and predominant hindu population of india, and thus, they designed this religion based electorates which paved way for partition of india, done by Radcliff , the partition finally happened, there are many known sources of the violence that happened in pakistan and was reciprocated by jats in india.

Now, since the rule of british, India was basically split into two groups, one of them were highly influential group of people like motilal nehru who basically wanted to do what british did, and had moderate views about nation in general. These people were more interested in advancing their aims then caring for the nation or any other thing.These were the guys that worshipped money ..
Religiously they had no particular orientation,and hence their stance was mediocre , one which pleased everyone. Some people in this list are : Motilal nehru, javaharlala nehru etc.
Indira and her sons were a bit of deviations ,esp her elder son. Else all are the same.

Another group was that of people who valued the ancient indian ways, who wanted india to be what it was before -a golden india, these group had complete disdain for people who they considered responsible for looting indian wealth , ie. the mughals and their decendants,the british ,and earlier islamic marauders . They loathed them, from the bottom of their hearts.Money had nothing to do with it. They purely wanted to restore india to its prosperous position.
The people in this group came to be known as extremists. Some people in this list are Bal gangadhar tilak, Lala lajpat rai, Vallabh "iron" Patel(whooped razakars),Subhash Chandra bose,and so on.

A third group was inspired by communism and people like bhagat singh etc were from this group. This group is survived by the communist parties in india,although they explicitly only state their inspirations from lenin or marx or other communist writers. These are probably the most decent people in indian politics, although I do not know if communism is what india will benifit from.

Now fast forward today the 2010th century, Indian political scene is basically dominated by two major parties,and one rather ofbeat party:

  • the somewhat central party of Indian national Congress, who basically are in for the business and money more than the betterment of state -resulting into a rather please-everyone attitude, which the minorities find interesting.
  • the right parties led by Bhartiya Janata Party ,who basically are in for making india what it was, they enormously value the ancient indian culture, these people essentially believe that india was once a great nation,and strive to make it so. Much patriotic than the level headed congress, and somewhat discriminating against minorities becuase they historically abused india and its resources and culture.
  • The left parties I think they are led by CPI, this is the true common man's party, although they are pretty much against anything that has capitalist motives , hence will inherently cause less development.

Who you vote is entirely based on your own choice, each party comes with its own disadvantages and advantages, eg. congress will basically cause development(benifiting itself and its team more than nation in general) but this will cause rich getting richer, poor getting more poor, and also, will increase the corruption. This is how they work, no matter what they promise. Similarly, BJP will try to equalize , in other words remove incentives placed by Congress (do not make a mistake, congress does this for its own benifit, its not for the people), also bjp will try to remove corruption more than congress, because it inherently wants a better india,some capitalists may find this annoying :D.The poor will become poor ,rich richer, and probably the minorities will be more poorer(cause they relied on the incentives of congress,not bjp's fault as such). Lastly, the commies they will probably curb the freedom of capitalists and the gap betn the rich and poor will reduce, ie. the nation will stabalize, but its overall development will reduce.

So thats pretty much it. If we evaluate these three parties based on national-objectives, developmental-objectives, people development. then, congress prioritizes as development,nation,people BJP will be nation,development,people , and CPI people,nation,development.

The criteria are kind of overlapping in general, like development of a certian individual will cause development of nation fractionally, same with people and so on.

Till next time...